Group based upgrading


HECS Group-Based Upgrading (GBU) Initiative

At Heartland Enterprise Centre Singapore (HECS), we are dedicated to supporting the growth and transformation of heartland enterprises. In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), we are proud to present our Group-Based Upgrading (GBU) initiative. This program is designed to help clusters of SMEs in the heartland come together to address common business needs through collective solutions, with the added benefit of a 50% grant subsidy.

How GBU Works

We understand the unique challenges faced by heartland merchants and have our ear to the ground to craft and bring to life Group-Based Upgrading projects. Through GBU, clusters of SMEs can pool their resources and access tailored solutions that address their specific trade, locality, or common business problems. By working together, heartland enterprises can discover and implement innovative solutions that drive collective success.

Benefits of GBU

  • Grant Subsidies: Enjoy a 50% grant subsidy for solutions identified and implemented through the GBU initiative.
  • Tailored Solutions: Solutions are crafted to meet the specific needs of your trade, locality, or common business challenges.
  • Resource Pooling: Facilitate the pooling of resources among SMEs to achieve greater impact and cost efficiency.
  • Access to New Ideas: Gain access to innovative solutions and fresh perspectives that can transform your business operations.

Get Involved

If you have innovative solutions that you believe would benefit your trade or locality, we invite you to present your ideas to us. We are eager to collaborate and bring these solutions to life, fostering a thriving heartland business community.

Contact Us

Transform your business through collective innovation and support. Contact us today to learn more about our Group-Based Upgrading (GBU) initiative and how you can get involved. Let HECS help you unlock new opportunities and achieve sustainable growth for your heartland enterprise.