About Heartlands Festival

The heartlands is one of Singapore’s greatest assets. It is where generations of Singaporeans live, work and play, and our past and present experiences meld as one. From memories to moments, the heartlands makes us feel at home, and is where our communal spirit thrives.

This year, the Heartlands Festival returns on the theme of ‘Connecting Generations’, where we celebrate our collective stories across generations from people, to places and food. Discover the lesser-known stories and under-the-radar neighbourhoods that make our shared identity in the heartlands so special.

Map out your next adventure in the heartlands with us! Join in the fun from our festival activities with your friends and family as we enrich our social memories together.

The Heartlands Festival is organised by the Heartland Enterprise Centre Singapore (HECS), supported by The Federation of Merchants’ Associations Singapore (FMAS), Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and Housing & Development Board (HDB).

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